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New York City Marathon, November 2, 2014

posted Nov 3, 2014, 6:58 PM by Gay Renouf
Congrats to our Regina runners for completing one of the world majors!  Please note that Gerry placed in the top ten of his age group!!!

Gerry Nagy, 2:52:30, 9th M50
Stacey Cattell, 3:21:38, 344th M45
Ronn Brian, 3:39:55, 173rd M55
Basil Pappas, 3:40:28, 1240th M40
Diana Nagy, 3:44:18, 149th W45
Wayne Nielson, 3:51:27, 846th M50
Don Laing, 4:05:47, 490th M55
Daphne Bilokury, 4:09:29, 526th W45
Doug Opseth, 4:09:36, 2866th M40
Garry Schultz, 5:18:46, 1466th M55
Patti Sandison-Cattell, 5:28:07, 1346th W50
Hayley Cattell, 5:28:07, 633rd W20