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Marathon des Sables, Morocco, Apr 8-14, 2012

posted Apr 12, 2012, 3:09 PM by Gay Renouf
The Marathon des Sables is nicknamed the "toughest footrace on earth", and our own MM member Stacey Shand is running it!  Stacey herself has called it the hardest event she's ever done.  The race attracts over 1000 international runners to run 243 km in the Sahara desert in a 6 day stage race format.  Competitors find their own routes across the sand dunes; withstand temperatures up to 49 degrees, and must carry their own food and water, clothes, sleeping bag, and medical kit.  Stacey's results are outstanding.
Stage 1, 25 km, 6:09:48, 526th position/871 finishers
Stage 2, 34 km, 7:07:38, aggregate position 516th
Stage 3, 38 km, 5:30:56, aggregate position 473rd
Stage 4, 82 km, 15:32:49, aggregate position 361st
Stage 5, 42 km, 6:27:08
Stage 6, 22 km, 2:41:39, aggregate position 365th, 

Stacey finished this international race as the 37th WOMAN!

Check out Ian Hamilton's article about Stacey in the MdS in the Leader Post.