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Flatlanders Road Race, Regina, October 1, 2016

posted Oct 20, 2016, 4:36 AM by Gay Renouf
Here are the Marathon Matters results for the half marathon.  Let me know if I missed anyone!  Congrats to all, particularly to Richard Manzon for his new PR!

 Runner TimeAge Group AG Place 
 Richard Manzon1:44:13 M40 
 Doug Hynne1:48:29  M50
 Jim Carlson 1:50:58 M50
 David Fox 1:52:08 M60
Michel Turmel 1:52:28 M50 
 Mallory McCormick2:01:10 W30 9
 Douglas Sellinger 2:01:24 M5011 
 Don Laing 2:05:45M50 13 
 Steve Whelan2:05:49 M40  9
 Marion Hudey2:11:47 W50 
 Tania Diener2:11:54 W50  5
 Jan Steenkamp2:11:54 M50 15 
 Connie Kozak 2:12:37 W50
 David Wessel2:19:46 M70  2
Kelly Munce 2:22:12  M5018 
 Sean Reidy 2:22:12M50 19