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Flatlanders Road Race, Oct 2, 2011

posted Oct 30, 2011, 4:29 PM by Gay Renouf
Please go to the following website for the complete results.  We have tried to tease out the MM members - please let us know if there are any mistakes.


Gareth Dillistone, 1:32:04, 3rd M40
David Nagel, 1:34:47, 4th M40
Jim Carlson, 1:35:18, 5th M40
Michael Sali, 1:36:08, 2nd M30
Ryan Schaffer, 1:36:31, 10th M30
Frank Gelinas, 1:37:12, 11th M30
Jason Hubick, 1:38:49, 8th M40
Cari Markewich, 1:38:52, 1st W30
Denise Harry, 1:39:56, 1st W40
Jennifer Ruland, 1:40:57, 3rd W20
Alan Barry, 1:41:12, 7th M50
Gerald Fox, 1:42:39, 9th M50
Luciano Togneri, 1:45:36, 12th M50
Darryl Mailander, 1:45:36, 16th M40
Jim Wonnek, 1:46:33, 13th M50
Jason Moryski, 1:47:47, 18th M30
Tim Schneider, 1:49:04, 14th M50
Dave Fox, 1:50:31, 16th M50
Linda Fox, 1:51:44, 2nd W50
Thea Jacobs, 1:54:42, 3rd W50
Donn Lay, 1:56:52, 23rd M40
Matt Macknak, 1:58:02, 22nd M50
Adriana Moryski, 1:59:14, 7th W30
Kathryn Rachar, 2:05:08, 8th W50
Shelley Zerr, 2:09:33, 11th W40
Jackie Lay, 2:32:55, 21st W40
Deanne Cannon and passenger, 3:28:55, 29th W30

10k results
Murray Gurski, 43:29, 2nd M
Simon Kostic, 48:21, 7th M30
Tandi van Tol, 48:37, 2nd W30
Nadia Williamson, 48:56, 3rd W30
Helen Outerbridge, 1:06:38, 13th W40