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Fargo Marathon and Half-Marathon, ND, May 19, 2018

posted May 20, 2018, 4:16 PM by Gay Renouf

There were some great times for Regina runners at Fargo on May 19. In the marathon, Scott Kiefer ran 3:00:28 (5th M30); Elizabeth Tomczak ran 3:17:15 (5th W30); Laura Sullivan ran 3:28:10 (8th W25); Brianna Hodges ran 3:38:26 (16th W35); Lorraine Brezinski ran 3:42:38 (24th W35); Lauren McLellan ran 3:46:55 (25th W30); and Lane Warsylewicz ran 4:17:15 (16th M60).

In the half-Marathon, Erin Kiefer ran 1:42:39 (15th W30); Adam Hicks ran 1:47:36 (60th M30); and Matthew Stephenson ran 1:47:43 (51st M25).

Congrats to all the runners!