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Fargo Marathon and Half-Marathon, May 20, 2017

posted May 20, 2017, 7:13 PM by Gay Renouf
Wow - super fast times at Fargo! Congrats to Richard Manzon and Brianna Hodges for their PR marathons. Here are the Regina 

 RunnerDistance Time Age Group Place Age Group 
 Charles-Henri WarrenMarathon 3:33:32 25th M40 
 Brianna HodgesMarathon 3:47:04 26th W35 
 Richard ManzonMarathon 3:4711  45thM45 
 Lauren McLellan Marathon 3:52:54 14th W30
 Cam Thick Half 1:38:12 36th M35
 Tim Schneider Half 1:47:29 14th M55
 Jason Selzer Half 1:48:18 68th M30
 Valdeen LitzenbergerHalf 148:48 31st W35 
 Aaron Barlow Half 1:51:52 55th M40
 Heather Sali Half 1:53:27 61st W30
 Nevin Kapell Half 1:53:28 105th M35
 Christine Barlow Half 1:55:37 36th W40
 Fidji Gendron Half 2:05:46 93rd W40
 Jenna Hindmarch Half 2:12:54 193rd W30
 Mandy Selzer Half 2:12:54 194thW30 
 Pat Beanland Half 2:18:12 43rd W55