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Deadfall 50, Echo Lake, October 14, 2018

posted Oct 21, 2018, 1:30 PM by Gay Renouf

Congrats to Rick Minett and the Regina Roadrunners for putting on a splendid Deadfall Trail race this past weekend. The trail race at Echo Lake has over 500 m of elevation gain and loss for each 12.5 km loop, with lots of tricksy swoops and turns. We report the 25 km and 50 km results for MM members - full results are at https://zone4.ca/ra…/2018-10-14/3b6472a6/deadfall50/results/

Shout out to Jacob Burns, who ran his longest race ever, and WON! Also Deane Deanne Selinger and Nathan Anderson, who both ran their furthest - 38 km! And Amy Lee ran her first ultra here!

50 km:
Donn Lay, 6:42:09, 3rd M
Jason Hubick, 6:54:29, 5th M
Gaye Renouf, 6:59:13, 3rd W
Cam Thick, 7:28:33, 8th M
Amy Lee, 8:11:37, 4th W
Team of Micheal Dahlman and Derek Cory Anaquod, 8:02:41

25 km:
Jacob Burns, 2:23:35, 1st M
Trevor Hopkin, 2:38:48, 3rd M
Robert Humphries, 2:50:23, 6th M
Dennis Dreher, 2:53:21, 9th M
Lane Rathgeber, 3:27:34, 18th M
JL Magnusson, 3:35:35, 5th W
Adriana Allison Moryski, 3:38:01, 6th W

Congrats to all the runners and thanks to all the volunteers.