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Canadian Marathon Rankings 2015

posted Nov 6, 2015, 2:50 PM by Gay Renouf
Marathon Canada has once again published their top rankings for marathon runners across the country for 2015.  Two runners made the top ten for their age group within Canada.  Milos Kostic posted the first, second, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, and tenth fastest times for men over 70 within Canada, and Neil Sharp nabbed the third fastest time for Canadian men in their sixties.

The chart shows the rankings of Regina-area runners for the Prairie region.  Congrats to all our speedsters.

 Runner Ranking Age Group Time Marathon
Neil Sharp 1st M60 3:06:22 Fargo 
Milos Kostic 1st M70  3:31:14Barcelona 
 Milos Kostic 2nd M703:32:08 Rome 
 Ingrid Currie 4thW50 3:23:38 Gopher Attack 
 Milos Kostic 4th M70 3:41:45 Chicago 
Iain Fyfe 5th  M20 2:36:42 QCM 
 Gerry Nagy5th M50 2:55:56 Victoria 
 Ingrid Currie5th W50 3:24:57 QCM 
Milos Kostic 5th M70 3:41:55 New York City 
 Milos Kostic 6th M70 3:50:27 Saskatchewan
 Michael Middlemiss7th M20 2:41:33 QCM 
 Ingrid Currie 7th W503:26:20 Ottawa 
Ron Humphries 7th M60 3:26:41 QCM 
 Milos Kostic 7th M703:50:29 QCM 
Gerry Nagy 8th  M50 2:58:19QCM 
 Milos Kostic 8th M70 3:51:44Gopher Attack 
Ingrid Currie 9th W50 3:28:30 Saskatchewan