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Calgary Marathon and Ultra, June 1, 2014

posted Jun 2, 2014, 4:29 PM by Gay Renouf
Congrats to all the Regina area runners who completed the Calgary marathon, 50 km ultra or half-marathon.  Results for the marathon and 50 km are below for Regina-area runners.  Huge congrats to Neil Sharp, for his age group win - the best 2014 marathon time for Men 60-69 on the Prairies so far this year.  It's also the 5th fastest in all of Canada - very significant considering that Neil is in the 65-69 rather than 60-64 category.

Also congrats to Jan Steenkamp and Tania Diener for finishing their second marathon in a week - Marathon Maniacs qualifier!

50 km Ultra
Conor Renouf, 3:40:40, 12th M, 1st M20
David Fox, 4:51:12, 6th M60
Richard Mawson, 4:51:13, 7th M55
Derek Anaquod, 4:53:32, 13th M25
Darryl Meier, 4:55:01, 22nd M45
Chad Debert, 5:05:10, 28th M40
Teresa Donley, 5:13:20, 2nd W55
Dennis Dreher, 5:28:20, 28th M50
AJ Tabin, 5:29:26, 27th M50
Tom Maher, 5:46:42, 15th M60
Linda Fox, 5:46:43, 5th W55

Neil Sharp, 3:11:03, 1st M65
Andrew Baulin, 3:34:31, 28th M25
Danielle Ulmer, 3:50:42, 13th W40
Brad Young, 3:54:25, 45th M35
Derek Burt, 3:57:45, 43rd M30
Jason Hubick, 3:58:58, 54th M45
Patrick Charagu, 4:00:35, 53rd M45
Doug Matthies, 4:23:07, 55th M50
Jan Steenkamp, 4:22:23, 58th M50
Jonathan Llewelyn-Williams, 4:25:53, 34th M20
Patrick Parrott, 4:28:01, 93rd M45
Darwin Weimer, 4:29:21, 42nd M55
Tania Diener, 4:38:59, 23rd W50
Senthil Damodharan, 4:44:40, 100th M45
Kevin Murphy, 4:47:19, 87th M25
Kristen Leigh, 4:47:20, 67th W25
Tom Reimer, 5:11:42, 41st M20
Sandy Macdonald, 5:11:17, 2nd W65
Donna Jackson, 5:11:17, 73rd W40
Jarvis Pelletier, 5:43:01, 142nd M40
Casey Riffel, 6:02:59, 107th M25
Terry Weimer, 6:03:58, 31st W55
Danielle Evans, 6:18:35, 101st W35