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Boston Marathon, Apr 21, 2014

posted Apr 21, 2014, 6:05 PM by Gay Renouf
Congrats to all the Regina-area finishers on their Boston finishes!  Special notes to our top finishing men and women and highest-age placing men and women: Rahul Bhattacharyya and Teresa Saccucci; and Rick Minett and Linda McBride.

Rahul Bhattacharyya, 2:48:57, 667th Open Men
David Langen, 2:58:44, 1430th Open Men
Gerry Nagy, 3:18:34, 428th M50
Shaun Hesse, 3:20:37, 1116th M40
Paul Duperreault, 3:22:50, 978th M45
Krista Seibel, 3:25:25, 1149th Open Women
Rick Minett, 3:29:53, 280th M55
Dave Evans, 3:34:56, 1476th M45
Teresa Saccucci, 3:40:58, 2618th W35
Philippe Lacroix, 3:42:39, 1245th M50
Tracy Fisher, 3:49:54, 950th W40
Diana Nagy, 3:54:13, 868th W45
Graham Harvey, 3:54:21, 311th M60
Cari Bode, 3:56:11,3658th W35
Barry Cyca, 3:59:40, 1650th M50
Rob Nelson, 4:06:05, 1088th M55
Carrie Newman, 4:08:34, 4176th W35
Thea Jacobs, 4:10:46, 249th W55
Ward Tuttle, 4:13:41, 2236th M45
Pauline Beaulieu, 4:18:46, 870th W50
Linda McBride, 4:54:39, 62nd W65
La-Loni Fox, 5:01:42, 615th W55