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Banff marathon, Jun 22, 2014

posted Jun 29, 2014, 4:17 PM by Gay Renouf
South Saskatchewan was well represented by the Regina and Moose Jaw athletes that took on the hills, sun, altitude, and hopes to see a Yogi.  Sports Stats reports athletes' age group placing, but not what age group he/she is in.  Congrats to:

Jennifer Bolt, 3:52:41, 5th
Derek Burt, 3:58:27, 8th
Richard Mawson, 4:00:14, 6th
Jennifer Taylor, 4:10:30, 3rd
David Fox, 4:19:35, 6th
Teresa Donley, 4:23:50, 2nd
Richard Manzon, 4:26:56, 14th
Mike Renouf, 4:52:29, 18th
Dale Toni, 5:18:05 3rd
Scott Wilson, 5:25:52, 20th

Alix Fox, 1:36:08, 2nd
Laurie Hamers, 2:05:07, 6th
Justine Hartung, 2:12:12, 21st
Jennifer Brand, 2:14:43, 29th
Linda McBride, 2:17:33, 3rd
Laurie Campbell, 2:19:14, 19th
La-loni Fox, 2:22:48, 9th
Sofia Burt, 2:29:48, 77th
Joyce Zimmerman, 2:30:45, 5th