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24 hour Goose, June 25-26, 2015

posted Jun 26, 2016, 7:38 PM by Gay Renouf

What a wonderful event our organizers set up.  Thanks to Chris Riegel, Katherine Robinson, Jen Ruland, Jon Paradowski, and Cari Bode, and the dozens of volunteers who offered their time to feed and help brain-dead runners, even in the middle of the night!  I must mention those who set new personal record distances: Jan Steenkamp and Tania Diener who more than doubled their previous distance!; Chris Butz; Ashley Desjardins; Wendy Tomyk; and Aubrey Swift - you guys inspired us!

12 hour results:
Laurie Campbell, 84 km
Ashley Desjardins, 80 km
Craig Johnson, 80 km
Jeff Dudar, 68 km
Cari Bode, 64 km
Barry Hopkins, 52 km
Loanne Myrah, 52 km
Wendy Tomyk, 52 km
Milos Kostic, 44 km
Andy Kistner, 44 km
Wade Hagen, 44 km
Kelly Munce, 40 km
Jennifer Evancio, 36 km
Aubrey Swift, 32 km
Carly Graham, 28 km
Tim Schneider, 28 km
Richard Manzon, 24 km
Jason Hubick, 24 km
Rob McLeod, 20 km
Marsha Crossman, 12 km
Jill Kistner, 12 km

24 hour results
Bert Blackbird, 164 km
Chris Butz, 120 km
Jan Steenkamp, 104 km
Tania Diener, 104 km
Lorie Alexander, 100 km
Conor Renouf, 80 km
Gay Renouf, 80 km
Kathryn Rachar, 56 km
Jon Paradowski, 52 km
Katherine Robinson, 52 km
Rosario Medrano, 44 km
Lululemon Relay Team, 44 km
Chris Riegel, 36 km
Jen Ruland, 32 km
Kelly Kozakavich, 12 km