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17 Hour Movement for Mito, Regina, Oct 24, 2015

posted Oct 25, 2015, 7:34 PM by Gay Renouf   [ updated Oct 26, 2015, 5:08 PM ]
What a tremendous day when Regina runners showed incredible community spirit and generosity.  Fifty plus runners came out to run 4 km laps around Wascana lake, donate to Mito Canada, and support each other.  Runners had 17 hours to see how much distance they could accumulate, helped by the support of race director Marsha Crossman, great volunteers, and pizza!  Here are the distances everyone ran (times excluded unless two runners ran the same distance) (Please email for corrections, thanks.)

One of the runners that participated right until the 11 pm cutoff was Andy Sward of Vancouver, who has an interesting story behind his participation.  Andy has been RUNNING across the country, picking up bottles as he goes, and educating folks about their environmental footprint (see millionbottlepledge.blogspot.ca).  He met Jon and Marsha earlier in the week, and the next day continued his westward running, making it to Caronport by Saturday.  But he was so enthused about the 17 hour run that he hopped on the greyhound bus at Caronport, bused back to Regina, ran with the group until 11 pm, bused back to Caronport on Sunday, and only then continued his cross-country journey!

 Runner Distance Time
 Bert Blackbird 130 km 
 Jon Paradowski 130 km 
 Conor Renouf 100 km 
 Brent Young 84 km 
 Andy Sward 84 km 
 Gay Renouf 68 km 
 Sandy MacDonald 60 km 
 Jen Ruland 60 km 
 Jan Steenkamp 44 km 5:32
 Tania Diener 44 km 5:48
 Dennis Dreher 40 km 
 Mark Newton 32 km 3:10
 Doug Best 32 km 
 Sean Reidy 32 km 
 Debbie Bellamy 32 km 
 Don Laing 32 km 
 Cari Bode 28 km 
 Loanne Myrah 28 km 
 Brenda Stricker 28 km 
 Wade Hagen 24 km 
 Vincent Lupuiak 24 km 
 Lee-Ann Ricci 24 km 
 Jason Hubick 24 km 
 Lane Warsylewicz 20 km 
 Craig Johnson 20 km 
 Laurie Campbell 20 km 
 Don Ditson 20 km 
 Mike Renouf 20 km 
 Adriana Moryski 12 km 
 Steve Whelan 12 km 
 Curtis Hoffart 12 km 
 Donna Jackson 12 km 
 Katherine Robinson 12 km 
 Chris Riegel 12 km 
 Rowena Collins Huber 8 km 
 Krystal Ruzicka 8 km 
 Sandy Mann 8 km 
 Tim Schneider 8 km 
 Tome Diermer 8 km 
 Darryl Meier 4 km 
 Bonny Gerger 4 km