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London Marathon, April 22, 2018

posted by Gay Renouf

Three Regina (or former Regina) athletes just completed the London marathon on Apr 22. Cari Bode ran 3:54:50 to place 369th in the W40 division; Debbie Bellamy ran 4:45:09 for 77th in the W60 division; and Jennifer Evancio ran 4:51:28 for 854th in W45. Conditions were tough - it was said to be the hottest London Marathon ever!

London is one of the 6 World Marathon majors - finishers earn a coveted six star medal. Other Marathon Matters members to have completed the World Majors sweep are Teresa Donley and Milos Kostic. Debbie has one more race to earn her six star and Cari and Jen have one or two more...

Congrats, runners!

Boston Marathon, April 17, 2018

posted by Gay Renouf

Congrats to our stalwart Regina runners who persevered through bitter rain and wind to earn their coveted Boston marathon medals! The fastest Reginans were Jennifer and Verne Masur who finished in 3:58:56 for 692 in W45 and 1454 in M40. They had both qualified for the 2016 Boston, but when Verne got in and Jenn missed by 14 seconds, Verne didn’t run until he could do it with Jenn - and they ran it together!

Patrice Krueger ran 4:24:26 for 821st in W50 and Patti Sandison-Cattell, who once claimed she would never be able to qualify for Boston, ran 4:38:22 for476th in W55. Wayne Nielson ran 4:39:26 for 1223rd in M55. Elizabeth Popowich ran 5:02:19 for270th in W60. Milos Kostic ran injured but still finished in 5:43:23 for 17th in M75

International Races - France, Australia and Austria, April 8, 15, 2018

posted by Gay Renouf   [ updated ]

First up - Paris marathon: Three Regina runners just ran the Paris marathon with 55,000 others! Big congrats to Kathy Dreher who finished in 4:44:34; Tania Diener in 5:12:31; and Jan Steenkamp in 5:38:37!

We're told some people mix up Australia with Austria...perhaps that's why one set of Marathon Matters runners went to Australia, and another set went to Austria on April 15. Down under, at the Canberra marathon in Australia, Conor Renouf ran 2:47:08 for 3rd in M20; and Gay Renouf ran 3:48:58 for 6th in W50.

Across the world in Austria, Tania Diener and Jan Steenkamp ran the Linz marathon. Tania ran 5:10:35 for 7th in W55 and Jan ran 5:12:03 for 62nd in M55. This was the third race in as many weeks for the duo - preceded by the CSC Gopher Marathon/half and the Paris marathon!

Congrats to all

Diez Vista 100 km Trail Race, Port Moody BC, April 14, 2018

posted by Gay Renouf

Big congrats to Mathieu Ludlow’s finish at the gnarly Diez Vista Trail Race in Belcarra park near Port Moody BC on April 14. Matt ran 100 km in 16:19:09, finishing in a very impressive 31st place!

Regina Racers Travel all Over on March 18, 2018

posted Mar 25, 2018, 3:56 PM by Gay Renouf

Sunday March 18 was a busy day for traveling Regina runners! Christian Riegel and Katherine Robinson ran in the Cap Crusher trail race in Capilano Canyon. Christian was 16th M40 in 3:14:15 and Katherine was 18th in W40 in 3:26:13.

Wayne Nielson ran the half marathon at the Maui Valley to Sea half.

And 6 Regina ladies ran in the Comox Valley half marathon. Donna Jackson led them with a 2:31:24 (14th W45), and Sandy MacDonald nabbed second in her W70 division with 2:33:22. Then came Colleen Kozan in 2:37:08 (16th W60); Gisele Albert in 2:37:09 (16th W45); Monique Piche in 2:42:16 (17th W60); and Kimberly Brown in 2:42:16 (16th W55).

Meanwhile in North Carolina, Cari Bode placed 24th in W40 at the Wrightsville Beach half marathon in 1:50:55.

Congrats all!

Austin Marathon, Feb 18, 2018

posted Feb 18, 2018, 3:56 PM by Gay Renouf

Congrats to Mike and Shelley on their performance at the Austin marathon. Mike ran 3:28:25 for 28th in M40 and Shelley ran 4:22:03 for 29th in W45 - congrats to Shelley for a new state and to Mike for a whopping new PR!

Arrowhead 135 Miles, International Falls, Minnesota, January 29-31, 2018

posted Feb 11, 2018, 12:57 PM by Gay Renouf

The Arrowhead 135 ultra in northern Minnesota on January 29: Imagine running further than 100 miles. Imagine doing it in winter. Imagine that 135 miles being on a trail with relentless hills. Imagine 135 miles of snowy trail, pulling all your food and survival gear, perhaps seeing noone else for 10 or 12 hours. Imagine being on the course in -15 degrees and losing feeling in your hands and toes, and wondering whether to push on or not - will your fingers and toes recover, or will you actually lose some. Our Jon Paradowski finished this race in 52 hours and 49 minutes, finishing 23rd in the Running division. Imagine how proud we are.

Cold Water Rumble 52 km, Estrella Mountain Park, AZ, Jan 21 2018

posted Jan 21, 2018, 12:30 PM by Gay Renouf

Congrats to Christian Riegel and Katherine Robinson for completing a tough ultrarace. The Cold Water Rumble has an elevation gain of 630 m, and travels through some varied and rough terrain. It reportedly includes single track, running through sand, over rocks and boulders, and through dry wash beds. The two finished a scant second apart in 7:38:18 and :19, giving Christian 12th place in the Men's 40 division and Katherine 13th place in the Women's 40 division.

Naples Half Marathon, Jan 14, 2018, Florida

posted Jan 21, 2018, 12:25 PM by Gay Renouf

Congrats to Tim Schneider for his 1:48:21 half marathon in Naples - good for 27th place in the Men's 55 division.

Cure for the Brrr, January 6, 2018

posted Jan 7, 2018, 8:20 AM by Gay Renouf   [ updated Jan 9, 2018, 2:39 PM ]

Well that one was the best Cure for the Brrr yet! Mother Nature was exceptionally kind with temperatures ranging from -8 up to -1, and lots of sunlight. We got to watch the sun rise, and one runner even saw a coyote on the path!

Our volunteers were incredible - stepping up to deal with Wascana Place not opening its doors, pizza not being delivered, and a race director who had gone walkabout! Particular thanks to Lynne Scherr, Cari Bode, Rob McLeod, Michel Turmel, Mike Renouf and Milos Kostic.

Here are the distances run:
 RunnerDistance  Time
 Heidi Schmalz 44 4:45:01
 Jon Paradowski 44 4:45:01
 Sean Reidy 445:14:28 for 44k 5:03:58 for 42.2
 Conor RenoufMarathon 3:16:18
 Gay Renouf Marathon 4:47:56
 David Fox Marathon 4:48:21
 Richard Mawson Marathon 4:49:14
 Jan Steenkamp Marathon 5:14:39
 James Wilson Marathon 5:25:00
 Tania Diener Marathon 5:48:01
 Shelley Cook 39 km 4:20:26
 Lorraine Brezinski 32 km 2:46:28
 Loanne Myrah 32 km 3:45:32    
 Cam Thick 30 km 2:59:37
 Michael Dahlman 30 km3:32:04 
 Mike Cook 29 km 2:33:42
 Don Laing 28 km 3:07:01
 Jennifer Taylor 25 km 2:50:02
 Robert Humphries 24 km 2:08:10
 Loni Fox 24 km 2:34:51
 Rob McLeod Half-Marathon 1:36:54
 Mark Newton Half-Marathon 1:50:27
 Chris Dornstauder Half-Marathon 1:50:27
 Gaylene Jeannot Half-Marathon 1:55:52
 Trevor Hopkin Half-Marathon 1:58:09
 Jason Hubick Half-Marathon 2:02:57
 Michel Turmel Half-Marathon 2:05:01
 Thea Jacobs Half-Marathon 2:08:38
 Doug Sellinger Half-Marathon 2:16:14
 Dale Harvey Half-Marathon 2:16:41
 David Wessel Half-Marathon 2:21:25
 Lee-Ann Ricci Half-Marathon 2:23:45
 Debbie Bellamy Half-Marathon 2:26:20
 Doug Best Half-Marathon 2:26:20
 Wendy Tomyk Half-Marathon 2:31:19
 Donna Jackson Half-Marathon 2:37:33
  Susan Schneider Half-Marathon 2:45:34
 Connie Kozak Half-Marathon 2:45:34
 David Nagel Half-Marathon 2:46:12
 Shelley Zerr Half-Marathon 2:50:00
 Bradley Hanowski Half-Marathon 2:50:28
Aubrey Swift Half-Marathon 2:51:40
 John Hughes Half-Marathon 3:40:41
 Naomi Brezinski 20 km  3:00:02
 Lesley Kitsch 16 km  1:28:09
 Richard Manzon 16 km 1:38:02
 Steve Whelan 16 km 1:41:12
 Daryl Arendt 16 km 1:50:37
 Caitlyn Brezinski 16 km 3:07:10
 Jennifer Stachura Gauthier 13 km 1:36:53
 Teresa Donley 13 km 2:08:02
 Enio Ricci 12 km 1:25:10
 Curtis Hindmarch 12 km 1:25:25
 Jennifer Kayter-Brezinski 12 km 1:28:35
 Mussa Ahmed 10 km 1:05:13
 Laurel LaBar-Ahmed 10 km 1:05:43
 Patrice Turmel 10 km 1:05:43
 Mussa Ahmed 10km 1:05:43
 Julie Fillmore 8 km 48:13
 Lane Warsylewicz 8 km  53:06
 Deanne Selinger 8 km 54:56
 Sarah Kosteniuk 8 km 57:41
 Kerry Machuk 8 km 1:00:00
 Tia Mitchell 8 km 1:00:00
 Nathan Anderson 8 km 1:01:05
 Nancy Letsche 8 km 1:18:13
 Natasha Lumsden 8 km 1:18:13
 Stacey Lulik 5 km 37:05
 Mitch Dougall 4 km 19:42
 Shelby Dougall 4 km 30:02
 Jennifer Hookenson 4 km 30:02
 Ryder Newton 4 km 34:30

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