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Manitoba Marathon, June 17, 2018, Winnipeg

posted Jun 17, 2018, 3:11 PM by Gay Renouf

Congrats to the Regina runners at the Manitoba marathon today! Special mentions to two folks: Lynn Crook who set a PR and qualified for Boston for the first time in 3:58:02 (1st W55), and to Doug Sellinger, who set his second PR in a row in 4:24:25 (33rd M50). Here are the Regina area marathon results:

Cam Thick, 3:53:25 for 19th in M40; Blair Frederickson , 4:35:36 for 15th in M60; Sean Reidy in 4:38:35 for 40th in M50; Darwin Weimer in 4:54:34 for 21st in M60; Brianna Kelly in 4:54:51 for 16th in W25; Jan Steenkamp in 4:58:25 for 34th in M55; Tania Diener in 4:59:02 for 20th in W50; Daryl Arendt in 5:16:05 for 53rd in M5o.

In the half marathon, Neil Sharp won his age group of M65 in 1:32:36! Gary Larson nabbed third in his M40 age group in 1:31:40. The Regina area half results are:

Kevin Petrychyn in 1:23:48 for 4th in M30; Jeff Dilay in 1:25:53 for 4th in M35; Darryl Meier in 1:45:18 for 8th in M50; Jason Selzer in 1:50:27 for 45th in M35; Emily Weekes in 1:51:36 for 12th in W25; Crystal Kowalski in 1:54:52 for 11th in W45; Angela Friesen in 1:57:50 for 24th in W40; Brittney Meier in 1:59:04 for 35th in W20; Meg Grainger in 2:03:44 for 44th in W35; Sherry Meier in 2:09:31 for 36th in W45; Dale Harvey in 2:15:25 for 60th in M55; Curtis Hindmarch in 2:20:49 for 123rd in M40; Donna Jackson in 2:27:10 for 70th in W45; Amy MacLennan in 2:27:14 for 93rd in W35; Dorothy Josephson in 2:30:21 for 18th in W60; Les Mullen in 2:37:48 for 90th in M50; Terry Weimer in 2:58:08 for 22nd in W60; and Cathryn Bowers in 3:05:31 for 23rd in W60.

Oliver Half Ironman, BC, June 3, 2018

posted Jun 3, 2018, 4:40 PM by Gay Renouf

Regina athletes had some tremendous results at the Oliver half-ironman (course slightly longer than half-Ironman distance with 2 km swim, 94 km bike, 21 km run). 

Jackie Hatherly placed a tremendous third among all women in 5:05:18. Other age group placers were Rob Nelson (2nd M60) in 5:43:19; and Milo Fink (1st M65) in 7:00:57. 

Other times were Laverne Masur (6th in M45) - 5:16:46; John Ash 5:52:22 (11th M50); Jennifer Masur - 6:08:11 (9th W45); January Hutchison - 6:29:29 (7th W40); Angela Arnold - 6:43:24 (13th W50); Lane Warsylewicz - 6:56:52 (9th M60); Shari Mombourquette - 7:11:04 (5th W55); Shari Mosthaf - 7:58:18 (18th W45). Well done and congrats to all!

Saskatchewan Marathon and Half-Marathon, Saskatoon, May 27, 2018

posted May 28, 2018, 6:07 AM by Gay Renouf

At the Saskatchewan Marathon in Saskatoon this morning, the weather was unexpectedly nice, helping Douglas Sellinger to a fantastic PR - 4:32:47! We also had two age group winners - Kathy Palmer - 3:46:38 in W55 and Thea Jacobs - 4:12:47 for W60. The other marathon finishers were Brian Wicks - 3:18:21 for 5th M35; Dave Evans - 3:37:36 for 2nd M50; Gay Renouf - 3:54:22 for 2nd W55; Zhe Luo - 4:00:48 for 5th M50; and Jalisha Elder - 4:16:00 for 2nd W25.

So MANY HALF-MARATHONERS! Tracy Fisher was the 4th Woman overall and the winner of W45 in 1:37:46 and Renee Roschuk won the W20 age group in 1:41:24. The other half-ers were: Braden Konschuh - 1:29:53 for 2nd M 35; James Bradshaw - 1:33:25 for 6 M25; Jason Moser - 1:35:28 for 5 M35; Cam Thick - 1:39:25 for 4th M40; Brooke Kemp - 1:44:39 for 5th W25; Tim Helfrich - 1:45:02 for 7th M45; Tim Schneider - 1:48:36 for 5th M55; Tracy Moser - 1:49:23 for 3rd W35; Dayna Galger - 1:51:06 for 9th W25; Maureen Powell - 1:53:36 for 3rd W50; Bob Watkins - 1:53:46 for 9th M55; Jacob Thomas - 1:53:44 for 19th M30; Delaney Sieferling - 1:55:07 for 7th W35; Michel Turmel - 1:55:59 for 7th M60; Samuel Bailey - 1:56:21 for 21st M30; Gaetan Bourassa - 1:56:21 for 18th M45; Blair Fredericton - 1:56:33 for 8th M60; Lyle Stecyk - 1:57:15 for 9th M50; Erika McNaughton-Baldo - 1:59:36 for 25th W30; Tricia Brown - 2:02:13 for 8th W40; Jody Wolford - 2:10:08 for 17th M55; Dale Harvey - 2:11:53 for 18th M55; Peter Sametz - 2:14:05 for 13th M60; Dale Ruder - 2:15:07 for 28th M45; Liz Kemp - 2:15:!7for 46th W30; Michelle Watkins - 2:16:27 for 6th W55; Tom Cochrane - 2:22:56 for 11th M50; Randy Klassen - 2:25:59 for 23rd M55; Jacquelyn Brown - 2:26:42 for 37th W35; Dallas Brown - 2:28:28 for 37th M35; Cheryl Cochrane - 2:31:45 for 12th W50; Nichole Petrisor 2:33:35 for 58th W30, and Teresa Donley who WALKED the half in 3:07:46 for 7th in W60. Congrats to all!

Ottawa Marathon and Half-Marathon, May 27, 2018

posted May 28, 2018, 6:06 AM by Gay Renouf

Congrats to the Regina runners in Ottawa! Alvin Yau nabbed a PR in the marathon in 3:39:58, good for 70th in M30 and Craig Herrington ran an impressive 3:06:33 for 13th in M40.

In the half marathon, the top age group performer was Lana Thompson Van Eaton in 1:47:51 for 8th in W55. Bhattacharyya led the way in 1:24:38 for 10th in M25; Jesse Van Eaton in 1:35:11 for 10th in W20; Michael Mackenzie in 1:36:18 for 16th in M-19; Mohammed Nazari in 1:44:21 for 66th M50; Nancy Mackenzie in 1:47:35 for 14th in W50; Kellen Glasspoole - 2:03:48 for 198th W30; Jennifer Langen - 2:15:27 for 189th in W50. Congrats to everyone!

Calgary Marathon and Ultramarathon, May 27, 2018

posted May 28, 2018, 6:05 AM by Gay Renouf

Congrats to our Regina area athletes who ran Calgary. David Fox placed 5th in the Men’s 60 division in the 50 km in 5:32:03. In the marathon, Darwin Weimer ran 4:56:11 for 17th in M60; Rand Luhning was Just behind him in 4:57:08 for 18th in M60; Tania Diener was 8th in W50 in 4:58:59 and Jan Steenkamp ran 5:01:30 for 25th in M55. Terry Weimer ran the half in2:55:48 for 20th in W60.

Fargo Marathon and Half-Marathon, ND, May 19, 2018

posted May 20, 2018, 4:16 PM by Gay Renouf

There were some great times for Regina runners at Fargo on May 19. In the marathon, Scott Kiefer ran 3:00:28 (5th M30); Elizabeth Tomczak ran 3:17:15 (5th W30); Laura Sullivan ran 3:28:10 (8th W25); Brianna Hodges ran 3:38:26 (16th W35); Lorraine Brezinski ran 3:42:38 (24th W35); Lauren McLellan ran 3:46:55 (25th W30); and Lane Warsylewicz ran 4:17:15 (16th M60).

In the half-Marathon, Erin Kiefer ran 1:42:39 (15th W30); Adam Hicks ran 1:47:36 (60th M30); and Matthew Stephenson ran 1:47:43 (51st M25).

Congrats to all the runners!

Canada Goose Ultra, 6 hour, 12 hour, 24 hour, May 12-13, 2018, Regina

posted May 19, 2018, 5:14 PM by Gay Renouf

Marathon Matters was the host club for this timed event - and it just gets better and better every year! Thank you to race directors Marsha Crossman and Jon Paradowski who poured their passion and energy into the run for all of us to benefit. The 24 hour was the National Championship, and attracted excellent runners from the western provinces and a couple from the USA.  The results are here: 6 Hour Results12 Hour Results24 Hour Results.

Special shout outs to those who set new longest personal bests or placed in their races (please send an email if we missed your PR-longest distance)
24 hour
Derek Anaquod, 2nd Man, 192.1 km
Gay Renouf, 3rd Woman, 144.1 km
Sean Reidy, 132.1 km
David Fox, 114.1 km
Richard Mawson, 112.1 km
Michael Dahlman, 108.1 km

12 hour
Donn Lay, 2nd M, 80.1 km
Loni Fox, 1st W, 76.1 km
Lee-Ann Ricci, 2nd W, 60.1 km
Alix Fox, 3rd W, 60.1 km
Bradley Hanowski, 48 km

6 hour
Rob McLeod, 1st M, 68.1 km
Mike Cook, 56 km
Ryan Bluecloud, 48.0 km
Shelley Zerr, 2nd W and 47.0 km
Vince Lupuliak, 32 km

Vancouver Marathon and Half, May 6, 2018

posted May 11, 2018, 6:39 PM by Gay Renouf   [ updated May 11, 2018, 6:40 PM ]

There were some stupendous results for Regina (and former Regina) runners today at the Vancouver marathon and half. Two age group winners and two other top ten age group results in the half! Danielle Thiel was the 5th woman and first in W25 in 1:18:29. The other winner was Pat Kohli, first in W70 in 1:57:16. John Svec ran 1:29:21 for 5th in M50 and Gary Thiel ran 1:32:05 for 8th in M50.

Here are the Regina runners results:

 Runner Distance Time Age Group AG Place
 Aidan Wotherspoon
 Marathon 4:30:46 M30 216
 Darwin Weimer  Marathon 5:09:46 M60 75
 Danielle Thiel Half-Marathon 1:18:29 W25 1
 John Svec Half-Marathon 1:29:21 M50 5
 Gary Thiel Half-Marathon 1:32:05 M50 8
Colin Yeung  Half-Marathon 1:47:05 M35 122
 Mallory Murchison Half-Marathon 1:50:09 W30 81
 Alex Brazill Half-Marathon 1:57:08 M25 240
 Pat Kohli Half-Marathon 1:57:16W70  1
 Tracy Gardikiotis Half-Marathon 2:01:38W40 83
 Cheyanne Boehm Half-Marathon 2:02:11 W25 230
 Karen Baily Half-Marathon 2:39:45 W55 156
 Sara Randall Half-Marathon 2:39:50 W45338
 Bradley Hanowski Half-Marathon 2:42:34 M50 273
 Kimberly Brown Half-Marathon 2:43:29 W55 165
 Wendy Cowan Half-Marathon 2:43:29 W55 166
 Cathie McLeod Half-Marathon 2:46:39 W55 175
 Terry Weimer Half-Marathon 2:57:23 W60 105

Oxbow 50 km, Oasis Levi Half-Marathon, Toronto marathon, May 5, 6, 2018

posted May 11, 2018, 6:08 PM by Gay Renouf

Congrats to all our Regina runners taking in races in other provinces. On May 5, two Reginans finished the Oxbow 50 k in Spruce Woods provincial park. Dennis Dreher ran it in 5:58:57 and Tap Doinbeau ran 8:03:56.

On May 6, Wendy Tomyk ran the Oasis Levis half marathon near Quebec City, Running 2:16:33.

Rick Casson ran the Toronto marathon in 4:41:16, placing 84th in M25. He was followed by Jan Steenkamp in his 5th marathon this year (4:51:44 for 35th in M55) and Tania Diener in her 4th marathon of 2018 (4:56:12 for 41st in W50).

Congrats to all!

Canyons 100 km, CA and Reno NV, April 28 and 29, 2018

posted May 6, 2018, 6:54 AM by Gay Renouf

Congrats to all the runners who finished the last RPS half marathon today, and a sincere thank you to Patti Sandison Cattell and the group of volunteers who made this race such a success.

Other Regina runners ventured further afield - Heidi Schmalz ran the Canyons 100km trail Ultra. The race covers many of the same trails as the Western States 100. Heidi powered through in 16:19:09 and reported feeling strong the whole way. Congrats Heidi!

Not far away in Reno Nevada, the Weimers continued their round three 50 States tour. Darwin won second in the Men’s 60 division in 4:40:40 and Terry was 5th in W60 in the half-Marathon with 2:55:28. Congrats!

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