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Ironman 70.3 Calgary AB, July 29, 2018

posted Aug 5, 2018, 3:06 PM by Gay Renouf

More great triathlon results from Regina athletes at the Calgary 70.3!

Rob Nelson made the age group podium with 5:06:13 (2nd M60)! Thea Jacobs just missed with 5:37:30 (4th W60). 

The fastest Regina man and woman were the Masurs - Laverne in 4:46:45 (20th M45) and Jennifer in 5:24:28 (10th W45)

Congrats to:
Chris Humphries, 5:07:09 (34th M45)
Rick Warawa, 5:07:22 (35th M45)
Gary Thiel, 5:08:49 (24th M50)
Bernhard Prahauser, 5:32:35 (46th M45)
Lyle Stecyk, 5:41:28 (20th M55)
Ekalak Chainakul, 5:47:15 (40th M30)
Mike Beal, 6:02:56 (73rd M40)
Conrad Nixon, 6:03:38 (49th M30)
Kim Reavie, 6:05:40 (65th M45)
Shari Mombourquette, 6:07:24 (11th W55)
Natalya Milner, 6:09:40 (18th W25)
Lane Warsylewicz, 6:11:42 (15th M60)
Chad Vickers, 6:14:30 (86th M40)
Sheila Klein, 6:57:15 (43rd W45)

Ironman Canada, Whistler BC, July 29, 2018

posted Aug 5, 2018, 3:05 PM by Gay Renouf

Congrats to the Regina triathletes who performed so well in the heat and humidity at Whistler on July 29. They swam 3.8 km, biked 180 km, and ran 42.2 km. 

Julie Totosy de Zepetnek placed an impressive third place in the women’s 30 age division, in 11:52:38. Doug MacKenzie finished his 26th Ironman in 13:55:18, placing 6th in the M60 division. They were followed by Sean Taylor in 16:48:48 for 24th in M18-24, and Marley Brcic who did the Half-Ironman distance in 6:11:18, placing 19th in W30. Ravinesh Gnana Sakaran reportedly passed through 40km of the run in about 13:07 - however the website doesn’t have a finishing time for him.

Congrats to you all!

Canadian Death Race, Grand Cache Alberta, Aug 4-5, 2018

posted Aug 5, 2018, 3:01 PM by Gay Renouf

Death Racer! The Death Race is an Alberta trail race of 125 km of trail, climbing 5200 m, and most commonly done by teams of 5. Two Regina runners completed the course as soloists. 

Derek Anaquod is proving himself to be one of the most competent and consistent ultra runners around. Derek finished in 17:46:24 (30th M) despite having some interesting stomach adventures...Dan Collier finished possibly his first ultra?? in 23:20:36 (113th M). This year, it appears that the soloist finishing rate was 51%. Huge congrats

Sinister Seven 100 Miles, Crowsnest Pass AB, July 7-8, 2018

posted Jul 13, 2018, 11:46 AM by Gay Renouf

Congrats to all the Regina runners who ran in the notoriously gnarly Sinister 7 July 7-8 inthe Crowsnest Pass. The race is composed of 7 tough trail stages that add up to 161 km and 6400 m of elevation gain and loss. While most runners tackle it as a team, we had 4 brave soloists from Regina this year.

Derek Anaquod finished 21st M (!!) in 25:17:44, followed by Mathieu Ludlow and Cody Wilkes in 28:23:41, tied for 57th. Unfortunately our stalwart super Ultra Runner, Jon Paradowski, didn’t have a great day, and only (😂) finished five stages.

Regina teams also ran super well. The Vintage Vixens (Karen Lawson, Lisa Hoffert, Mel Petersen, Katelyn Silversides, Bevin Thompson, Karissa LePage and Kaytlyn Criddle) won the Women’s division in 16:45:08! The Lactic Asses (Rahul Bhattacharya, Rick Minett, Shaun Hesse, Tracy Fisher, Angela Dtolz, Gerry Nagy and Shaun Hesse) came 7th in the Mixed Team in 17:37:47. And Another Drunk Idea Gone Wrong (Michael Dahlman, Ryan Probe, Amy Carlson, David Weisgerber, Guy Beaulieu, Brendan McGuire and Evan Hahn) ran 21:40:04 for 48th in Mixed Team.

Congrats all - we are proud of your gutsiness and endurance!

Great White North Triathlon, Stony Plain AB, July 8, 2018

posted Jul 13, 2018, 11:45 AM by Gay Renouf

Congrats to the athletes competing at the Great White North triathlon near Edmonton this weekend. Sorry everyone - just Room for the Regina athletes doing the half Ironman. The top age group result was by Jim Greenwood placing 4th in the Men’s 40 age group in a smokin’ time of 4:44:27.

David Langen, 4:33:54, 5th M30
Brendan Mackenzie, 4:50:03, 9th M30
Brett Miller, 4:54:4, 12th M30
Michael Hoffort, 5:03:25, 5th M50
Michael Diewold, 5:15:01, 18th M30
John Ash, 5:18:44, 10th M50
Kelly Cozine, 5:24:57, 30th M40
Tara Fuchs, 5:34:46, 6th W20
Jaimie Mimi’s, 5:45:14, 10th W40
Lyle Stecyk, 5:50:13, 21 M50
Krystle Ruzicka, 5:50:33, 6th W30
January Hutchison, 5:55:23, 13th W40
Chris Humphries, 5:57:32,40th M40
Marley Brcic, 6:07:59, 10th W30
Lane Warsylewicz, 6:12:22, 7th M60
Mark Gibson, 6:30:22,31st M50
Elizabeth Semple, 6:33:56, 8th W20
Theresa Gibson, 6:40:31, 24th W40
Tarra Dubreuil, 7:07:11, 21st W30

Congrats all - you make Regina proud!

CanadaMan Extreme Triathlon, July 8, 2018, Lac Megantic

posted Jul 13, 2018, 11:42 AM by Gay Renouf

Saskatchewan triathletes must be getting a reputation for seeking the hardest races. Last year, we had two MM athletes do an extreme triathlon - this year, Bruce Moore finished the Canada Man in Lac Megantic on July 7.

Each stage tries to be more difficult than a typical Ironman. In the water, the athletes had to swim in the dark.

The bike was 180 km of thousands of meters of climbing, some well over 10% grade. The marathon length run finished with 12 km of just plain meanness. Previous athletes who have "run" it, reported "tangled roots, mud that sucked your shoes off, near vertical sections - all in the dark".

Bruce finished 4th in the M 60 division in a time of 19:08:18. Congratulations Bruce - that is truly a top lifetime achievement!

Powderface 42 Trail Marathon and Half Marathon, Kananaskis AB, June 30, 2018

posted Jul 2, 2018, 11:26 AM by Gay Renouf

Wowzers, did our local runners ever excel at the Powderface 42 in Kananaskis Alberta on June 30! The Powderface is a rugged trail race with lots of ups, downs, and single track - and its distance is longer than advertised - about 44 km for the marathon. Our local runners really cleaned up! Rick Minett won the Men's 60-69 age group in 5:49:39; Jason Hubick won the Men's 50 age group in 5:57:31; and Lane Rathgeber ran 7:53:48.

In the half marathon, Saskatchewaners nearly swept the Men's 60 age group with Richard Mawson winning in 2:49:14; David Fox second in 2:59:53; and Alan Barry 4th in 3:08:28.

Congrats to you all!

New England Marathons - 8 in 8 Days! June 24 - July 1, 2018

posted Jul 2, 2018, 11:14 AM by Gay Renouf

Jan Steenkamp and Tania Diener have done it! 8 marathons in 8 states in 8 days in summer's heat and humidity. The Regina couple ran the Mainly Marathons New England series. They completed marathons in Sanford, Maine (5:49:35); Claremont New Hampshire (6:35:20); Springfield Vermont (5:53:14); Holyoke Massachusetts (6:34:54); Lincoln Rhode Island (6:33:12); Simsbury Connecticut (6:36:21); Port Jervis New York (&:06:56); and finished with a flourish in Matamoros Pennsylvania (6:23:31). The courses are multiple loops (any where from 12 to 20 laps for the marathon) on a variety of terrain.

Congrats guys - what an achievement!

Manitoba Marathon, June 17, 2018, Winnipeg

posted Jun 17, 2018, 3:11 PM by Gay Renouf

Congrats to the Regina runners at the Manitoba marathon today! Special mentions to two folks: Lynn Crook who set a PR and qualified for Boston for the first time in 3:58:02 (1st W55), and to Doug Sellinger, who set his second PR in a row in 4:24:25 (33rd M50). Here are the Regina area marathon results:

Cam Thick, 3:53:25 for 19th in M40; Blair Frederickson , 4:35:36 for 15th in M60; Sean Reidy in 4:38:35 for 40th in M50; Darwin Weimer in 4:54:34 for 21st in M60; Brianna Kelly in 4:54:51 for 16th in W25; Jan Steenkamp in 4:58:25 for 34th in M55; Tania Diener in 4:59:02 for 20th in W50; Daryl Arendt in 5:16:05 for 53rd in M5o.

In the half marathon, Neil Sharp won his age group of M65 in 1:32:36! Gary Larson nabbed third in his M40 age group in 1:31:40. The Regina area half results are:

Kevin Petrychyn in 1:23:48 for 4th in M30; Jeff Dilay in 1:25:53 for 4th in M35; Darryl Meier in 1:45:18 for 8th in M50; Jason Selzer in 1:50:27 for 45th in M35; Emily Weekes in 1:51:36 for 12th in W25; Crystal Kowalski in 1:54:52 for 11th in W45; Angela Friesen in 1:57:50 for 24th in W40; Brittney Meier in 1:59:04 for 35th in W20; Meg Grainger in 2:03:44 for 44th in W35; Sherry Meier in 2:09:31 for 36th in W45; Dale Harvey in 2:15:25 for 60th in M55; Curtis Hindmarch in 2:20:49 for 123rd in M40; Donna Jackson in 2:27:10 for 70th in W45; Amy MacLennan in 2:27:14 for 93rd in W35; Dorothy Josephson in 2:30:21 for 18th in W60; Les Mullen in 2:37:48 for 90th in M50; Terry Weimer in 2:58:08 for 22nd in W60; and Cathryn Bowers in 3:05:31 for 23rd in W60.

Oliver Half Ironman, BC, June 3, 2018

posted Jun 3, 2018, 4:40 PM by Gay Renouf

Regina athletes had some tremendous results at the Oliver half-ironman (course slightly longer than half-Ironman distance with 2 km swim, 94 km bike, 21 km run). 

Jackie Hatherly placed a tremendous third among all women in 5:05:18. Other age group placers were Rob Nelson (2nd M60) in 5:43:19; and Milo Fink (1st M65) in 7:00:57. 

Other times were Laverne Masur (6th in M45) - 5:16:46; John Ash 5:52:22 (11th M50); Jennifer Masur - 6:08:11 (9th W45); January Hutchison - 6:29:29 (7th W40); Angela Arnold - 6:43:24 (13th W50); Lane Warsylewicz - 6:56:52 (9th M60); Shari Mombourquette - 7:11:04 (5th W55); Shari Mosthaf - 7:58:18 (18th W45). Well done and congrats to all!

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