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Bismarck Marathon and Half-Marathon, Sept 16, 2017, North Dakota

posted Sep 17, 2017, 12:46 PM by Gay Renouf

Congrats to the Regina runners at the Bismarck marathon this week - Jan Steenkamp ran 4:47:36 for 7th in the Men's 50 age group and Tania Diener ran 6:00:45 for 6th in the Women's 50 age group - this is 6 days after their QCMarathon! In the half marathon, John Leboldus ran 1:45:38 for 6th place in the Men's 45 age group and Dale Harvey ran 2:05:07 for 4th in the Men's 55 age group.

Queen City Marathon, September 12, 2017

posted Sep 12, 2017, 3:57 PM by Gay Renouf   [ updated Sep 17, 2017, 8:02 PM ]

This race just keeps getting better and better! Thanks to the many volunteers who pour their hearts, heads and hands into making it successful. 

First, let's recognize our first time marathoners:

Mike Cook - wow! 3:44:52 and 5th in M40 in his first marathon!
Connie Kozak - 5:37:16, 12th W50
Lisa Berezowsky - 5:45:08 - 10th W25
Jennifer Kurbis - 6:10:14 - 15th W50

It was a hot and smoky day, so it's pretty amazing that these people set PRs!
Lorraine Brezinkski - 3:38:07 - 5th W35 and 6th Women Overall - a 9 min PR and a BQ!
Douglas Sellinger - 4:47:03 - 19th M50
Chris Dornstauder - 1:28:11 - 1st in M35 for the half

Here are the club members who placed in their age groups or got a BQ - please email if we left someone out!
 Runner Distance Time Age Group AG Place BQ?
 Tania Diener Marathon Walk 5:45:35Overall 1st 
 Lorraine Brezinski Marathon 3:38:07 W35 5th BQ
 Shelley Ouellet  Marathon 3:47:59 W40 1st BQ
 Gaylene Jeannot  Marathon 3:51:30 W45 2nd BQ
 Ashley Desjardins (pacer)  Marathon 4:05:04 W25 2nd 
 Rowena Collins-Huber  Marathon 4:07:15 W55 1st BQ
 Philippe Lacroix (personal pacer)  Marathon 4:07:15 M55 3rd 
 Milos Kostic  Marathon 4:07:32 M70+ 1st BQ
 Chris Dornstauder Half-Marathon 1:28:11 M35 1st 
 Rob McLeod  Half-Marathon 1:29:20 M55 2nd 
 Jordan Sperling  Half-Marathon 1:35:17 M25 2nd 
 Robert Humphries  Half-Marathon 1:40:55 M60 1st 
 Pat Kohli  Half-Marathon 1:55:43 W65 1st 

The full results are at: http://runqcm.com/post-race/results

Mont Tremblant Ironman, Aug 20, 2017

posted Aug 27, 2017, 4:03 PM by Gay Renouf

Wow - huge congrats to Jim Greenwood, who qualified for the Ironman World Championships at Ironman Mont Tremblant. Jim's time was 10:08:52, which earned him 4th place in the Men's 45 age group. In spite of the hot and humid conditions, Jim finished the event with a 3:27:16 marathon!

Reykjavik Marathon, August 19, 2017, Iceland

posted Aug 27, 2017, 4:01 PM by Gay Renouf

Congrats to Peter Hagar on his 3:29:28 marathon in Reykjavik Iceland - good for 30th in the Men's 50-59!

Lake Placid Ironman, July 23, 2017, Lake Placid NY

posted Jul 26, 2017, 6:06 AM by Gay Renouf

Congrats to our prolific Regina triathletes for completing Ironman Lake Placid. Bruce Moore finished in 12:51:39, placing 15th in the Men's 60-64 age group. Milos Kostic won the Men's 75-79 with a 14:06:53 - the win came only two weeks after doing the immensely challenging CanadaMan Extreme Ironman - and qualifies him for the Ironman World Championships in Kona.  Frankie Pelletier placed 26th in the Women's 55-59 age group with a time of 15:20:56. Congratulations all!

Calgary Ironman 70.3, July 23, 2017

posted Jul 26, 2017, 6:02 AM by Gay Renouf   [ updated Jul 26, 2017, 6:02 AM ]

Three Regina athletes made the podium at the International Half-Ironman distance (1.9 km swim, 90 km bike, 21.1 km run) - Jackie Fatherly, Thea Jacobs and Marie Kralovcova. The three athletes have qualified for the World Ironman 70.3 Championships in 2018 in South Africa. Jordan Sperling was the top male finisher, even with a flat tire costing 5 minutes. Here are the Regina results:

 Triathlete Time Age Group Place
 Jordan Sperling 4:30:15 7th M25
 Jacqueline Hatherly 4:38:06 1st W50
 Justin Cheshire 4:41:00 14th M30
 Marie Kralovcova 4:43:09 2nd W30
 Marek Nehasil 4:51:25 11th M25
 Xander Silver 5:08:11 13th M25
 Rob Nelson 5:14:58 6th M60
 Chandra Mark 5:21:0312th W45 
 Thea Jacobs 5:32:33 1st W60
 Chris Humphries 5:33:48 33rd M45
 Andres Moreno 5:35:24 44th M30
 Lane Warsylewicz 5:45:08 18th M55
 Marley Brcic 5:51:53 15th W25
 January Hutchison 6:00:15 22nd W40
 Reilly Farago 6:11:30 61st M30
 Brenda Udahl 6:17:46 5th W60

Prairie Series 7 Marathons in 7 States in 7 Days, July 16-22, 2017

posted Jul 23, 2017, 5:20 PM by Gay Renouf

Tania Diener and Jan Steenkamp have done it again! Last year they amazed us with their feat of doing seven marathons in seven states in seven days: this year, they equalled that accomplishment, but with some additional challenges. The event started with a marathon in Wahpeton ND, and successively moved through Breckenridge MN, Baltic SD, Sioux City IA, Sioux City NE, Hiawatha KS, and St Joseph MO. Tania and Jan ran together, posting identical times every day that ranged from Day 1's 5:52:35 to Day 6's 7:35:57. The courses were generally out and backs - often the couple had to complete 10 or 20 out and backs to complete the distance. But the repetitiveness of the courses were not matched by the people they met, including world record holder Larry Macon!  The biggest challenge, as might be expected of races in the US prairies in July, was the heat. Day 1 was a not-too-horrible temperature of high-20's, but Day 4 in Sioux City actually reached 43 C!

Tania also reached her 50th marathon on Day 4 on that hottest day!  Congrats to Jan and Tania!!!

Canada Man Extreme Triathlon, Lac Megantic, QC, July 8, 9, 2017

posted Jul 10, 2017, 4:33 PM by Gay Renouf

For those multipart athletes for whom an Ironman is just not hard enough - there is the International Ironman Extreme series, and two of our members are just crazy enough to do one. Milos Kostic and Philippe Lacroix just finished the Canada Man in Lac Megantic this past weekend!

Each stage tries to be more difficult than a typical Ironman. In the water, the athletes had to swim in the dark. Milos reports dodging near-invisible buoys, waves hitting him in the face, and surviving debilitating cramps.

The bike was 180 km of thousands of meters of climbing, some well over 10% grade. The marathon length run finished with 12 km of just plain meanness. Milos reports "tangled roots, mud that sucked your shoes off, near vertical sections - all in the dark".

Philippe and Milos were helped by hugely supportive crews and both medalled! Philippe finished in 18:16 and was 3rd Man in the 55 year category; Milos finished in 20:44:38 - first in the Men's 70+ category.

Sinister 7 100 Miler, Crowsnest Pass AB, July 8, 9, 2017

posted Jul 9, 2017, 4:28 PM by Gay Renouf   [ updated Jul 10, 2017, 4:33 PM ]

The Sinister 7, a mountain trail race renowned for its difficulty, got more difficult this year. Organizers added to the length to make it 100 miles (161 km) compared to its 146 km length a few years ago; increased the amount of climbing to 6400 m of elevation gain and loss; and reduced the cutoff time to a very tight 30 hours. Then Mother Nature added her own challenges, with temperatures of over 30 degrees in the shade. The race had only a 18% finishing rate this year. Our Regina heroes, Jon Paradowski and Mathieu Ludlow managed over 12 hours on the trail, but had to concede to the mountain this year. 

Regina had one team entered from the Jaleta Pacers. Shaun Hesse ran three legs (1, 2 and 7); Rick Minett, Tracy Fisher, Angela Stolz, and Gerry Nagy came 6th in the highly competitive Mixed Relay division in a time of 19:32:38. Congrats!

Canada Goose 150 minutes, June 24, 25, 2017, Regina

posted Jun 25, 2017, 8:51 AM by Gay Renouf   [ updated Jun 26, 2017, 6:19 PM ]

The Canada Goose 150 runners ran around the 4 km loop circling Wascana Lake for 150 minutes and tried to accumulate as much distance as possible. Congrats to all runners - here are the results!

 Runner Distance (km) Place in Men's Division Place in Women's Division
 Rob McLeod 33.6 1 
 Robert Humphries 32 
 Bob Nicholson 28.5 
 Lorraine Brezinski 28 
 Debra Hansen 28 
 Laverne Masur 28 4 
 Shelley Ouellet 27.5  3
 Mike Cook 27.2 5 
 Valdeen Litzenberger 27.1 
 Thea Jacobs 26.1 
 Jason Hubick 26 6 
 Patii-Sue Sandison-Cattell 26 
 David Wessel 26 6 
 Chad Debert 25.5 8 
 Ashley Desjarlais 25 
 Lisa Berezowsky 24.4  8
 Deanna Brown 24 
 Alix Fox 24 
 Aly Gillin 24  
 Dale Harvey 24 9
 Connie Kozak 24 
 Tim Schneider 24 9 
 Susan Schneider24  
 Michelle Soika 24  9
 Nicole Templeton 24 
 Christy Garn 23.2 16 
 Rowena Collins-Huber 23  17
 Jennifer Masur 23  17
 Jennifer Kurbis 23 17 
 Julie Fillmore 22.4 20
 Daryl Arendt2211
 Megan Bourgeois 22  21
 Mary Brigham 22  21
 Jillian Kings 22  21
 Shelley Zerr 22  21
 Kim Cook 21 25
 Cathie McLeod 21  25
 Jennifer Stachura Gauthier 21 25 
 Jannike Matlock 20.9 28 
 Scott Bloos 2012  
 Meaghan Boyle 16 29 
Megan Bloos 16 29 
 Janelle Cannon 16 29 
 Don Henry16 13 
 Tiann McDougall 16  29
 Janelle Piche 16 29 
 Tammy Taylor 16 29 
 Marsha Crossman 14  35
 Denise Grad 14  35
 Lauren Markewich 8  37

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