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Marathon Matters 2017 Awards

posted Dec 2, 2015, 5:12 PM by Gay Renouf   [ updated Mar 18, 2018, 1:11 PM ]
The 2017 awards for Builder and Inspirational runner of 2017 were awarded at the AGM on Nov 28.  There were many deserving entries.

Builder Award

Milos Kostic
Cari Bode
Gay Renouf
Conor Renouf

And the winner is...Conor Renouf! Here are some clips from what his nominators wrote. Just takes everything in stride, even with the added pressure of his mom being our coach extraordinaire! He's always there to support other runners in the club, sharing his extensive running knowledge and dry sense of humour. He helps assist with club coaching duties when Gay is away. After running (not to mention, winning) the 50 miler at Spruce Woods in 2016, he went back out on the course to support other runners attempting their longest ultra distances. Conor is a very talented athlete, yet is very modest. His support and encouragement mean a lot to our club members! Plus he can handle a ghost pepper!

Inspirational Runner Award

Ashley Desjardins
Aubrey Swift
Conor Renouf
David Wessel
Derek Anaquod
Dhon Gumban
Douglas Sellinger
Heidi Schmalz
Jan Steenkamp and Tania Diener
Jon Paradowski
Loanne Myrah
Rob McLeod
Sean Reidy
Shelley Cook

And our winner is...Shelley Cook!  Anyone who has ever run with Shelley will know how incredibly positive she is. She is always selfless, always focusing the spotlight on other runners, but although she would never talk about it, Shelley had a truly special year. At the Spruce Woods ultra, she finished her furthest event ever - 80 km and was strong the whole way. At the Canada Goose 150, Shelley showed us just how talented an ultra runner she is. She was super steady for 96 km and then turned on the jets and finished in a sprint worthy of a 5 km race. Shelley dedicated her race to friends fighting breast cancer and said she was able to run for so long because she was thinking of them. She also was a full marathon pace bunny at QCM, helping others to achieve their goals. To complete here year, Shelley coaxed husband Mike into becoming a marathoner with her, ran two marathons with him, and set a whopping PR at the Okanagan marathon. Shelley inspires us all!